Holidays with Bite

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone
— Pablo Picasso

The Idea

Our store was born from a deep love and excitement for the Halloween season. The founder wanted to find a new way to spread the fun and joy of Halloween, searching high and low for alternative celebratory items.

Not finding what she was looking for, she rallied her forces and brought together a small team to create unique Halloween products.

As the idea grew, it began to encompass other holidays. Why not put a twist on traditions throughout the year?

Thus, Fangrenew was born.



Design & Materials

We design unusual holiday paraphernalia for the alternative holiday enthusiast. From gift wrap, pins, buttons, stickers, and more; we have come together to share our love of the unusual with you, so you can share your love with others.

Our team is dedicated to creating unique, fun style that includes eco-conscious designs wherever we can. Our gift wrap includes artisan designs, printed in the U.S. on recycled paper with soy-based inks.

This means you can recycle or compost those scraps without worry, while supporting the local economy and lower carbon emissions while you’re at it.


Fangrenew is alternative holidays for alternative people.
— Anonymous Fan

What is a Fangrenew?

Fang -
(n) a sexy eye tooth

Renew -
(v) to make new again

Fangrenew -
(v) using sexy eye teeth to make holidays new again;

(n) an entity that twists traditions into a new form for the enjoyment of others; a sexy toothed celebration of renewal.